Make Tree Branch Coasters by Recycling Some of Your Cut Branches.

tree branch coasters

A fallen tree limb or a freshly cut limb can be turned into useful wood coasters and given as holiday gifts or used in your home. Fox Valley Tree Service believes in recycling and reusing whatever we can to protect the environment. As a service to you, we can set a few of these branches aside or if you do not have trees in your home, call our office and we may be able to get you a few for a fee. 

You can be as creative and detailed as you want with this project.

You will need:

a tree limb

a chop or miter saw

wood stain

foam brush

Polyurethane or Craft sealer

Felt and wood glue

Any ribbons or embellishments that you want to add.   


Step 1) 

Carefully cut 4 to 6 slices of the tree limb approximately 1/2 inch thick.  

Step 2) 

Sand each wood slice until smooth. Make sure to get both sides and the edges if they are sharp. Remember that these will be handled often and you do not want any splinters landing in anyone’s hands. 

Step 3) 

Using the foam brush, apply the stain that you have chosen all around the top, bottom and edges of each slice. Allow them to dry. Repeat this process if you want a darker stained look. 

Step 4) 

Once the slices have dried, usually, about an hour or two, apply the polyurethane or craft sealer all over one side and the edges of each slice. Leave these to set to dry for several hours on a flat service.  Repeat this process for the other side, again waiting several hours for it to dry. 

Step 5)

Cut out felt circles to fit the bottom of each coaster and use the wood glue to secure the felt to the bottom of each circle. 

Step 6)

Optional- If you have any embellishments that you want to add, tiny gems, or perhaps even a little bug or flower to the edges, now is the time to glue these on as well. 


Now that they are finished they are ready to give as gifts for the holidays or to keep for yourself. The choice is yours. Enjoy. 


And remember, If you are looking for crafting logs or wood- Fox Valley Tree Service is the place to call.